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Strategy planning

Having dedicated over 10 years in the field of education, we are the pioneer of unique teaching methodology. The army of more than 50 teachers are proven educational leaders who have a track record of consistently raising the achievements of the students. we  at ARABIC PAATHSHALA  focus on learner centric methodology rather than conventional subject centric one .Each child is given the opportunity to grasp and evolve at their own pace with more than 80 + activities to enrich their talent and 50 + well equipped learning rooms where the child  explores , learns , prospers and becomes  an achiever.


We Have 50+ Teachers They Are Pro In Our Subjects. Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.


Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.


Full Space , Big Hall, Social Distance Seating Arrangements. The future of the world is in our classroom today.

Clean Enviroment


Activity Space


Infrastructure Facilities


Parents Feedback

Payal Maheshwari

Nice school facilities and intelligent Teachers 👌👌

Mr. Ganesh Prajapti

For above middle class people.very good school.i don't stady here but i heard a lot. Good parking facilities.large space for Play ground.playing instruments

MR. Ashok Sharma

A English medium 12 Stender scholl with some good facilities... And education also good...but not sure bcos about education I am hear from my frnd ..and about location I want to say that this situated on a chorha .,

Mr. Pawan

Greate place , quality education I study in this school..... Probably 1 of best schools in Kudi near In jodhpur.

    Arabic Paathshala

    About Us

    The beginning of Arabic Pathshala School Jodhpur dates back to 2017 when the long cherished dream of Mr. Manish pro Vice Chairman, Arabic Paathshala Jodhpur, materialised in the form of a school. Arabic Paathshala School is a service oriented, non-profit organization, with the spouse of the serving Cabinet Secretary as its chairperson. The Mission of the School is to provide the right inputs to help the children grow up into caring and sharing individuals, equipped to make the right choices in life and grow up to be responsible citizens of the country and the world. The school’s motto ‘Knowledge is Liberation’ is the cornerstone around which the character and personality of every child is built. The Society visualises an educational system based on the four basic tenets : universal values, excellence in all things, global understanding by viewing diversity as an asset, and service to humanity.



    The junior, middle and senior school libraries are located centrally in the school to facilitate ease of access. The libraries have a great collection of fiction, non-fiction and reference books. A wide range of books aim to help children discover the joy of reading. An extensive reference section helps them work on multi-dimensional projects. In addition, there are resource books for teachers to help them keep updated with new advancements in the field of education and their respective subjects. The goal of the school library is to ensure that all members of the school get equitable access to books.

    Class Rooms

    Classrooms are large and airy with abundant natural light to provide the right ambience for an effective learning experience at school. A display board is provided in every classroom, which is decorated by both teachers and students for different events throughout the academic year. Each classroom is equipped with a projector and a laptop for an effective use of technology in teaching. Wifi facility is also available for all classrooms. All classrooms are equipped with student lockers as well. Junior classes also have independent class libraries managed by the respective class teachers.

    Art Block

    The Art Department is located in two different areas, one in the junior school, for students from Classes Nursery to V, and the other in the canteen block, for the middle and senior school students.
    The junior art block, is situated on the first floor, and has large windows, giving it the advantage of a beautiful view of the school. It is a spacious and well-ventilated place where children can discover their creativity. The room is equipped with every kind of art material and has an environment conducive to inculcating an interest in exploring Art. The display boards on the walls exhibit the brilliant work of the creative young minds.
    Clay Modelling is taught in a separate well-equipped studio which is situated in the auditorium block.
    The middle and senior art rooms are located on the first and second floors of the canteen block. In the spacious art labs of the middle school, interdisciplinary art and many different techniques are taught in an interesting way using varied innovative mediums and forms of art. 

    Administrative Block

    As we enter the school, we first come across a well laid out, attractively designed administrative block, which is the major hub of all administration work. It is conveniently located near the entrance so that visitors can easily access it. The building on the left, after the beautifully laid out garden, has the principal’s office and the main reception. On the first floor is the committee room. The administrative block houses the Accounts, Transport, Estate, IT and the Personnel Departments along with a full-fledged bank extension counter, the uniform shop and the book shop, which are open for students during school hours and for parents, after school hours.
    Office Timings:- Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 2:30

    Sports Facilities

    The school has a spacious gymnasium, which contains a basketball court and table tennis equipment. The gym is also used as a venue for yoga practices, Diwali Mela, college fairs and the JAM session during the Winter Carnival. At any given time, we can see students playing basketball or badminton enthusiastically or trying their hand at table tennis. The well-qualified Physical Instruction teachers are always present to give useful tips to these students and for coaching in all the sports, including basketball, football, badminton, cricket, etc. We have a qualified Taekwondo expert who trains students for inter-school matches. The school has done very well in many sports events and has also organized many inter-school matches. We have sent students abroad as well to play in schools there, thus providing them a variety of opportunities to hone their skills and learn from these experiences. The vast playground which is used for both football and cricket is the arena for the Annual Sports Day for showcasing our students’ talent in athletics.

    Lab Rooms

    Arabic Paathshala has well-equipped laboratories for different streams. The school has two labs each for Physics and Chemistry, one for Biology and one for Biotechnology. A well equipped Home Science Lab helps students hone their culinary skills. The school has five student labs for computers and one lab exclusively for teachers. The Mathematics laboratory facilitates the learning of Mathematics through learning activities
    The Physics department has two laboratories, consisting of two large rooms. Each room has 8 tables with an arrangement for 4 sets of experiments on each table for the students. The labs can accommodate around 25-30 students at a time. Each lab has one demo table and is equipped with various apparatus, OHP, projector, white board for experiments, activities and demonstration. During the practical periods, each class is divided in to two groups for easy supervision. There is a well- qualified lab demonstrator who helps the teacher in demonstrating experiments or apparatus for the students.
    The Biology lab of the school caters to classes IX to XII. The spacious and well-ventilated lab can accommodate 25-30 students at a time. There are 30 compound microscopes with illuminations and the same number of dissection microscopes. There is provision for storing all the chemicals needed for practicals as well as space for test tubes, slides, cover slips, beakers, flasks and so on. The lab also has a slide projector as well as a digital camera. The various models and life size skeletons along with a large number of charts and ready made OHP transparencies make the lab a centre of learning for students. The well-equipped Biotech lab caters to the practicals and project work of classes XI and XII. It has an autoclave, a refrigerator, an incubator chamber and a deep freeze. The steel laminar flow hood carries out all culture work in a sterile environment. Spectrophotometer, trans- illuminator, all essential kits, electrophoresis apparatus, microscopes and auto pipettes are available to the students.
    The senior school has two well-equipped spacious chemistry labs and a separate room for keeping the potentially hazardous chemicals. Both the labs are very well lit and ventilated and fitted with exhausts. Apart from necessary chemicals & apparatus, it is equipped with centrifuge chemical balances. In addition, to take special care of those who are allergic, the labs have been fitted with fume hoods. It is a specially designed chamber of stainless steel fitted with high speed blower to directly take away the fumes through ducting. Around thirty students can work in the lab at a given time. The teachers as well as a lab attendant are always there to help and instruct.
    In keeping up with the changing times, Mathematics Laboratory at Sanskriti School brings technology in use to teach the abstract concepts of Mathematics. Here students explore the properties of quadrilaterals, discover various centres of a triangle, spend time on plotting and understanding graphs of various functions and appreciate beauty of mathematics by using dynamic geometric software -Geometer’s Sketchpad. Using Graphic Calculators students simulate 100 tosses of a pair of coins and understand the concept of experimental and theoretical Probability. Maths Lab is also used by teachers to enhance their lessons by using online tutorials and Powerpoint presentations. Students do their research for various projects and interschool competitions using the Maths Lab facilities
    computer labs accessible to students with advanced hardware and software to cater to the students’ requirements. Each laboratory has 30 to 35 systems with the required copies of licensed software for each level. Our labs, IBLAB1 and IBLAB4, are utilized by classes XI and XII for C++ and PYTHON students. Our second lab SRLAB is used by class XII for PYTHON. The Annexe block lab is reserved for the students of grade VI, VII and VIII. IBLAB2 is for classes III-V and the Junior lab, JRLAB, is meant for our little ones from Prep to grade II. Each lab is equipped with a state of the art LCD projector for teacher demos and other presentation purposes. Apart from these five, the school can boast of a hi-tech Maths Lab which is dedicated to the learning of advanced concepts of mathematics with the latest technology and expert faculty. There is a Computer lab exclusively for teachers. Here teachers complete their school related work (test papers and assignments). This lab is equipped with 16 computers, 8 Open Source Software Linux environment supporting systems, 2 laser printers and 2 scanners. This lab also gives our teachers ample opportunity to work on the school website to upload their data, i.e., marks, assignments and question papers and keep in touch with the parents of their students. All our Labs have constant access to the internet and are used extensively for research work by both students and teachers. The school can proudly boast of its highly advanced audio-visual rooms, equipped with a smart board and LCD projector. Here lectures accompanied by presentations/visuals are carried out by various departments as an endeavour to integrate IT into other subject curricula. Students and parents are encouraged to join the Google Classrooms for all subjects, Classes VI to XII and stay updated with all that is happening in their class rooms. This supports children who have been absent and also gives parents an idea of what is being taught at school and how.

    Activities & Houses

    The School organizes a wide range of activates and events in the form of Literary, Art & Craft, Dance & Music. An opportunity to identify the strengths and talents of the students is groomed through various activities to realize the potential and build the confidence level of students. The School offers facilities for a variety of games and sports Physical training like Handball, Volley Ball, Martial arts, The school offers a variety of activities including Dramatics, Indian and Western Music, Inter House competitions in the form of extempore speaking, Debating elocution, Declamation, Dramatics, Vocal and Instrumental music, The school is visited regularly by eminent educationists, artists to provide inspiration and encouragement to the children. The spectra of activities conducted throughout the year are as follows :

    Art / Craft

    Poster Making, Painting, Craft Exhibition, Drawing Competition, Card Making, Collage Day, Rakhi Making , Rangoli Making, T-Shirt Designing, Book Mark Making, Designing Magazine Cover etc.

    Sports Activity

    Volley Ball, Swimming, Athletic Event, Hand Ball, Throw Ball, Chess, Table Tennis, Carom, Cricket, Inter House Swimming Competition, Inter School Swimming Competition etc.

    Outdoor Visits

    Printing Press, Movie Show, Picnic, tour, Industrial Visits etc.

    Cultural Activity

    Drama / Dance / Music, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Suresh Sharma Memorial Inter School Patriotic Song, Drama Presentation (Annual Function) , Group Song, Dance Competition, Instrumental music, Diwali celebration, Christmas Celebration, Republic Day & Independence Day Celebration, Fancy Dress, Grand Parents Day, Rakhi Celebration etc.

    Literary Activity

    Hand Writing Contest, English/Hindi Recitation, Debate English/Hindi/ Social Science Quiz/ Science Quiz / Maths Quiz/ General Knowledge Competition, Hindi/English Extempore Shlok Chanting, Spell Check, Word Power, Description of Fruits & Flower, Sound words concept, Show & Tell etc.

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